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I've installed collectd tool to gather some stats, since I'm using the router RUTX11 at home and do not need TMS, but wanted to have some stats. It works fine - cpu, disk, ... and may other parameters can be monitored and some graphs are displayed. However no collectd-mod-... which could read temperature and signal stgenght (I just wanted those 2 parameters).

I've found that "gsmctl" command can provide this data, so using collectd-mod-exec I should be able to make workaround... And shell script work perfectly as required when i log via ssh as root - all data are gathered and returned in desired format for collectd:)

An example:

PUTVAL "localhost/exec-gsmctl/temperature-modem" interval=10 N:47

PUTVAL "localhost/exec-gsmctl/signal_power-signal_strenght" interval=10 N:-51

However it do not work curently, because collectd cannot execute commands as root, while the router have no "sudo" command and nothing similar. I've stuck here unfortunately. Any help?

Thanks, Pawel

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Is there any reason why you can't just use gsmctl alone without collectd? This is a downloadable third-party mod package and I can't really help you with it.

And sudo - you can download it through opkg too.

Thanks for help:)

Indeed I could download sudo separately now. Somehow it have not been downloading previously - I needed to use again "opkg update" and then I could download sudo. Now I can continue with setup hopefully.

Best Regards, Pawel