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Hi everyone,

I need to help about RUT 955 NAT protocol. I will extract data from a plc to my server. But I have ip conflict issue.  I tried to use RUT955 for doing NAT to plc's ip.

I tried to use traffic rules and port forwarding options but they didn't work. Only DMZ worked well. But I wanna create traffic rules or port forwarding between server and plc.

Here you can look at to my network topology. I am trying to reach plc from wan. 

PLC Adress :



RUT Adress: LAN


MY PC Adress :



1 Answer

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Please set your PC gateway IP to RUT 955 IP to be able to access it's LAN.


Thank you, I did it but I still can't reach to PLC, for this project I am trying to change plc ip address via router. Because I have several PLC which has same ip address. 

I created port forwarding and traffic rules, here you can see. 


You could fully disable the firewall and try changing IP then, once you have it in the right subnet - it should work as it supposed to.

To stop firewall: /etc/init.d/firewall stop (execute this in CLI).