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We are looking for a product that can be used to connect remote office locations in a shared office space to a corporate network using a site to site IPSec VPN.  In the branch office location we have access to a guest Wifi service.  The guest Wifi service requires the client station to authenticate using WPA2 Enterprise with a Radius server using MS-CHAPv2.  We want to configure the device to connect to the guest Wifi using WPA2 Enterprise authentication and then use the Wifi port as the WAN port.  We would then create a site to site IPSec VPN tunnel back to the corporate network via the WAN port.  We are looking at using a RUT950 but just want to check that this scenario would be supported.

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RUT950 supports authentication to an external radius server. Available authentication protocols only CHAP or PAP. More information you can find here. Also you can chose between three types of WAN – Mobile, Wired and Wi-Fi. Link with information.

Concerning IPsec, you can find all the information you need at these links.