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After a change of service from my mobile internet provider I found out that I need to extend the supported frequency by 4G (LTE-TDD): B38 on my router with product code RUT240 *6****.

The new required frequency is available with RUT240 *8****.

Is there any way to get my router upgraded by a different firmware, please?

If yes, where could I get the right FW, please?

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Regarding the support of frequency bands it's not based on the firmware of the device. It is based on the LTE module the device is using.

RUT240 *6**** is having different LTE module with RUT240 *8****

RUT240 - 4G/LTE Wi-Fi Router | Teltonika Networks (teltonika-networks.com) go to ordering and you will be able to see the supported bands of the said device. 

Hope it helps