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To enable support for MQTT over websockets with a TRB245, I had to perform several manipulations:

opkg update

opkg install libwebsockets (not installed by default, unfortunately)

opkg install mosquitto-ssl --force-reinstall (necessary to integrate the websockets library support).

> From there, mosquitto supports Websockets by adding to the mosquitto configuration.

listener 9001

websockets protocol

However, reinstalling the mosquitto-ssl package resets configuration files to the default OS. For example, mosquitto starts automatically with default conf (/etc/mosquitto/mosquitto.conf), even if the Broker feature is not enabled in the WebUI.

To work around this, we have to rewrite the /etc/config/mosquitto file with its default value "config mqtt 'mqtt'".

So I would like to know:

- Are there other options / config file to reset after reinstalling the mosquitto-ssl package?

- Is it planned in the evolutions that the firmware integrates the Websockets library and the mosquitto-ssl package that allows to use it?

- Is it also planned that the firmware includes the mosquitto-client-ssl package allowing to publish / subscribe in MQTT ?


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As the functionality comes up from a third-party package, there's not much I can do for you. For now, there's no such functionality in our plans and changing something in present configs could break other functions.