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by anonymous

Hello, dear Teltonika community.

I have a problem with RUT955 to forward ports from specific IP.

I have two different devices connected to the Router over WiFi:
1) My Notebook, which got IP-Address <> from Router self.
2) WebRTC Device, which has defined own IP-Address <> into it self. This IP come not from Router is static IP from Device self.

On my Notebook is ranned Webservice on the Port 8080, i do forwarding this Port over 8888 in internet. It work perfectly. I cann access this overl local IP ( and over Internet from other Network (http://<myhost.over.internet>:8888) ist work great!

My WebRTC device provide also Webservice on Port 443, also it Provide WebRTC service on port range 20000-32000. I forward WebRTC ports exactly from [20000-32000] to [20000-32000] and HTTPS port from 443 to 8080.

But unfortunately it work only in local Network, over Internet neither https nor WebRTC not working.

This works:
https -
WebRTC -

This not works:
https - https://<myhost.over.internet>:8080
WebRTC - https://<myhost.over.internet>:31102

What i do wrong? It ist problem becouse WebRTC device prescribes his IP himself?

Here are the configuration.


DynDNS over LTE Router work perfectly, i can access WebUI of Router self and forwarded service from my Notebook.

Thanks in advance.

best regards


1 Answer

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by anonymous

Could you please tell me if that's some kind of server and domain that you're running? Or do you have public IP?

Because if you're running everything locally I'm afraid without proper forwarding that would go from Public to Local internet there is no way you can reach this.

But I might be understood you wrong, in this case, please provide full topology of the services you're running to access those ports through external network.

by anonymous

Hi, thanks for rapidly response!

As you can see, Router have a public IP Address over DynDNS.

Public IP

I can access Router WebUI over Internet, it work great. As i wrote, i can access my Notebook over Internet, the Notebook is in Network of RUT955 and provide Web service on Port 8080 this wil be forwarded by RUT955 to port 8888, ist work also great. I can access both over Internet.
But, all ports from Lokal IP can not be forwarded.


by anonymous
Okay, I see. So is your notebook and it is accessible. is your router LAN IP and its HTTP is accessible too. The only thing you can't access is another service that is running on Is that a computer that is running a service or some kind of PLC?

by anonymous
Sorry, what do you mean with PLC?

Yes, you has correctly understand the problem.
On is a Computer that provide Web Services on the port 80/443 and also WebRTC on the ports [20000-32000].
From my Notebook, if i connected to local Network of router, i can access all services provided by  Only over Internet it is not posible, although all ports are forwarded as well.
by anonymous
Check if there's a firewall in your computer's ( operating system that could be blocking the connection.

If it doesn't help - try disabling the firewall on the router instead. You can do that with CLI command: /etc/init.d/firewall stop

After this, check if you can reach your services from an external network.