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My RUTX11 is installed on a power boat. While at my slip, I connected the 2.4G and 5G wireless wans to the dockside wifi antennas (separately) and configured the failover with these WANs in positions 1 and 2. The cellular wan was in failover position 3. All three were turned on.

For winter storage, the boat was moved to a position on land about a quarter mile from these antennas and nowhere near any other antennas. When I turned on the router, I couldn't find either the 2.4G or 5G WAN I had created using my iPhone to access these networks.

I had to connect an ethernet cable to access the router. I found that the 2.4G and 5G WANs were still associated with the prior wifi antennas. Once I deleted the prior antenna associations for both WANs, they appeared on my iPhone.

Is this normal? Even though the wireless WANs were still associated with the prior wifi antennas, shouldn't the router have executed a failover to cellular and allowed me to connect to it using my iPhone? (Cellular signal strength was very good at the new location.)

Once I deleted the prior antenna associations with the wireless WANs, failover began to work as it should.

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As i understand :

1)You have some wifi in the surroundings with 2.4 and 5Ghz . Correct?

2) Also you have cellular network.2.4ghz and 5Ghz wifi is being used as Primary (1st and 2nd) and Cellular as 3rd WAN.

3)You have created some wifi for device access purpose ? Is this correct ?

4) When you moved your device at some distance the primary WAN disappeared or the Wifi disappeared ?

Could you please confirm if you are using the latest firmware version ?

I recommend you to update your device to the latest firmware and kindly use some free channels when creating wifi there could be many reasons one of them could be may the same channel/frequency  is being used in the surroundings . Also if the wifi WAN is not getting the good signal strength from the surrounding wifi it could disappear/ not work.

Thank you.

Have a good day.