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We have RUT240 as a failover device.  Our plan is to put a cheap SIM in it; then in emergency when our primary cable internet fails, switch to one of our phone SIMs on which we have large data allowances.

With a prepaid SIM from the provider Three all works fine.  I then inserted the SIM from my UK monthly contract mobile, with Vodafone, and it appears to connect, with an IP address, but no data passes through.   Same for my wife's SIM on the same type of contract.

Is this a setup problem on the router?  There are some rumours that Vodafone are not allowing "phone" SIMs to be used in routers, but Vodafone denied this strongly on a support call.

Status shows as "registered (home); Vodafone UK; 4G".  SIM card status "SIM (Ready)".    But 100% loss when I ping from the router.

I have tried the following with no success:

- update firmware to 01.13.1

- remove SIM PIN altogether

- change connection type to PPP

- manually enter APN of wap.vodafone.co.uk

- as above and add authentication CHAP or PAP with credentials wap and wap

I have downloaded the troubleshooting file if needed.
Not with this model but have found with Vodafone we always need to manually set the APN (wap.vodoafone.co.uk and credentials wap wap - PAP or CHAP appear to make no difference) but looks like you've already done that. For us exactly the same with auto APN - everything appears to show you're connected but no data passes at all. Will check with the next one we do but we may have needed to restart the SIM modem or possibly even reboot the unit for the connection to establish. We had this with RUT950 and RUTX12 all on latest firmware (although issue was present on earlier firmwares too).

One other thing to note with Vodafone is they issue DNS servers on RFC1918 addresses too so if you have a VPN configured as well then you will possibly need to set DNS servers to avoid potential issues using Vodafones...

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Kindly share me a copy of the troubleshoot file you can share it via pm or via wetransfer.


Logs sent by PM, thanks
Did you get the Vodafone SIM working? I'm having similar problems.



Yes, I did eventually get it to work using the advice from danjeman above -- on Network>Mobile, turn off auto APN, choose Custom then:  wap.vodafone.co.uk /  PAP / wap / wap.

It is quite frustrating that this does not happen automatically on the Teltonika.  It looks as though it does, and it should, but it doesn't.  I wondered whether there is an error in the lookup table for Vodafone but haven't pushed this further with Teltonika.

I have not tested extensively yet, and it is possible that I will hit an issue because this is a regular phone SIM not a data SIM, but it did work and should work again I think.  (My use case is that I have left a cheap Three SIM installed, then when we failover to wireless we will pop in my phone SIM to chew through its data.)  So for the moment whenever we change SIM we will need to reconfigure manually as above.  Then back to auto APN for the Three SIM.