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I have a new, factory reset Rutt955,newest software. But i can't get failover to WIFI to work. Wired and mobile allways work fine.

It's a simple task, i locked on youtube and read manual how to do this and it's easy to connect and to find and connect to my own wifi network. In network/wireless i have default wifi accesspoint, and my own wifi net as wireless station mode

Signals are strong, and i can't that im doing anything wrong. Is there any that have a checklist/howto list that i can use?

bg /Per

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Are you able to connect to wifi? Does your access point show that your RUT955 successfully connected and so on?

In any case, please try these options below:

  • Update your firmware to the latest available one.
  • Reset your router to default factory settings.
  • Try using any other access point to check if WiFi failover works.
  • Make sure your Network > WAN page is saved after you do any changes.