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I see RUT9xx cannot control digital output via MQTT.

But I want to control digital output of RUT240 on remote site over NAT network. SMS messages cost is too high for our case.

Can I develop MQTT subscribe client on RUT240 or custom MQTT message handler with MQTT Publisher ?

I think Lua script and MQTT client module may be usable for me.

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I believe it could be done easier. You can use JSON-RPC to control your device, send and receive information about inputs and outputs.

Also, you can do it through HTTP Post/Get functions RUT955 Input/Output - Teltonika Networks Wiki

For both of these to work remotely, you would need a public IP address, which could be a high cost too, but you should also consider trying out our RMS platform, in which accessing your devices without public IP shouldn't be an issue and this service is much cheaper.



Thank you for your support. 

Even if NAT environment, I confirmed CGI over WebUI Link or JSON-RPC WebUI Link controls RUT240 digital output. But it takes several seconds because these API goes through Japan - RMS in Frankfurt - Japan.

We are required to control digital output within less than 2 seconds. To achieve this requirement, I think our RUT240 must connect to cloud always. So, we need MQTT with controlling digital output.

I found "SDK DOWNLOADS" in RUT240 web page. Can I develop my custom MQTT client with this SDK ?

Yes, with SDK you will be able to compile different packages and custom programs into the firmware, but support for any later issues that happen with your device is your own responsibility and unfortunately, I will not be able to help you with the development of that custom MQTT client.

Thank you. I see.

I have a similar need for my TRB255. I need to be able to monitor and control my IO-pins
via MQTT. After some testing and reading documentation back and forth I understand that control
is not supported. This is quite disappointing since MQTT support was one of the features that convinced me
to purchase the TRB255. Both JSON-RPC and HTTP post/get seems clumsy compared to MQTT. Having to send user/passwords is not that "up to date" in the IoT world. I have MQTT up and running over TLS and would like to also control the device. Second, it seems like I can only pull pin status from the TRB, I was expecting the device to publish changes (pulling is costly).

I hope that this is something that can be supported within reasonable time.

I would also welcome the linking of digital inputs and outputs using mqtt.