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Hi there,
I have a RUT240 with the latest firmware.

Is it somehow possible via "Modbus data sender" not only to send the data periodically but also "on event"?

At the moment I read the data from the connected PLC only periodically at very large intervals, otherwise a flood of data would arise and the data volume of the IOT-SIM card is used up very quickly. These data are also time uncritical.

However, there is also data that I would like to send as an "alarm".

Here I would then read out this data under "Modbus TCP Master" with a very short interval and then trigger an entry in "Modbus data to server" when the alarm is triggered.

This function would be a big extension for me, especially because the "alarm function" already exists.

If someone has done something like this before, or Teltonika has planned this in another firmware update, this would be very helpful for me and the last point I still need.

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Have you tried to test the Modbus TCP master alarm action "Modbus Request"? It basically sends a Modbus request to a specified slave when a specific condition is met and gathers that slave data that will be sent via Modbus data sender.

However, to answer your question directly, there are no plans yet to implement data sending on the event, because that will require some big changes to the whole feature.