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I'm in the UK and I'm trying to use an IoT SIM from Things Mobile Italy which won't work, I have also tried a GiffGaff SIM(O2 Network) which works fine in a different IoT device but won't connect in the 955? Both devices sat next to each other good 2G/3G/4G some networks

Initially tried with supplied firmware 6.06.x no luck. Then upgraded the 6.06.x firmware to 6.07.3 no difference, reset factory settings, manual config vs Wizard No difference...

I have tried Auto APN, manual APN, I managed to scan some networks on both SIMs but failed to manually connect to any of them including the GiffGaff(O2) - 'Can't register to selected operator'

Connection status LED flashes Orange, Red & Green or SOLID RED which is not listed in the WIKI?


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1. Are you using a power supply that was provided to you with the device?

2. Have you tried ANY other SIM cards?

3. What is the full name of the product, maybe the device that you bought isn't compatible with frequency bands that your UK operators use?

Navigate to this page: and go to Ordering, you should find product codes there, see if yours is compatible with your operator's frequency bands.

4. Maybe you have any other device from our production that you could test these SIMs on?

5. Check if you're not forcing particular network type and if your antennas are alright and screwed in tightly.

6. If nothing makes sense after all these options above - please send me your troubleshoot file via private message. Download it only after you tried inserting the SIM and waited for your router to connect to the network, so I could see the process in the logs.



Dear EB

Thanks for your reply, after much time with the RUT950 I made progress. Some observations and maybe even bugs.

1. It can take several minutes for the unit to connect to the mobile network after reboot, in terms of raw mobile network connection the unit seems stable now. Is this clear in the instructions forgive me I may have missed it?
2. One of the issues I was having was erratic RF signal received, as I mentioned even though I have a good 4G signal in my house (-75db) and other devices from phones to another IOT device which have no issues working. In a last desperate attempt before I shipped the unit back I tried a 4G Poynting SISO antenna (OMNI-280) I had in the drawer and connected it to the RUT950 'signal' antenna connection, hey presto immediately solid signal received.
3. BUG? I am using chrome v 87.0.4280.88 on Win10. While trying to obtain a data connection I swapped between Auto APN, Suggested APN and Custom APN, I noticed that sometimes the APN dropdown was 'stuck' on custom, so the dropdown being un-selectable. The only way round this was a reboot. For anyone reading this I am using the Auto APN option,  which I then picked my relevant network from the suggested list in the dropdown.

Thanks for your time, Chris.

1. It is normal and no device connects instantly. RUT950 in this case isn't the fastest device within our other products so taking it a minute or two to power-up is a normal procedure.

2. Glad you sorted it out with an antenna, if default antennas didn't do the trick swapping them into something like OMNI-280 was a great idea, and hope that performance is even better than before.

3. I will test this out and let you know if I was able to reproduce it with Chrome and other browsers. If so, I will report this to RnD for further fixing.