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Hi there

Both the Primary and Secondary Modems are showing as being Connected and Registered, but when I go to Load Balancing, the secondary interface Mob2 has a status of "offline".  (if I change the load balancing ration, when I click Save & And Apply, the status displays as being 'online' for a few seconds before going back offline).

Any advice on what might be going wrong here would be very much appreciated.
Have managed to solve myself.  One of the 2 SIMs was Vodafone and this one was saying that was connected, but was "offline" in the load balancing section and do data was going through it.  Solution was to switch off the Auto APN in the interface and select Vodafone UK (wap.vodafone.co.uk) from the dropdown list below.  Appears to be working fine now

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Glad you've sorted it out.

Have a nice day!