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I setup a reporting configuration by creating a rule:

event log System - by email

I save it and, just after, I received a reboot email with the mention "reason unknown" from my device !

Is it normal ?

Note. I don't use the latest firmware

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No, it's not normal. First of all, I want you to answer my questions and try some things:

1.  Try rebooting your router and see if you're able to reproduce the issue by following same steps, could you explain those steps in detail for me too?

2. What firmware version are you on right now?

3. Please try resetting the router to factory defaults and see if you can reproduce this issue again.

4. Consider updating your firmware version.

Point 1)

Status > Event Log > Reporting Configuration >

Event Log: System Transfer type: email add

Events log > System > Edit

filling the form

click save button

please wait ...

device is rebooting ...

Point 2)      FW ver.: RUT9XX_R_00.06.06.1

Point 3) and 4)

As I said you in an onother message, the device is at 200km ! I don't dare to do that

I will test in Spring ...


I wasn't able to reproduce this issue on the newest firmware version, which would mean either your issue is fixed in the newest update available or the issue isn't firmware-based and something might be wrong with your configuration of the device.