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I am having issues with the forum text editor.

1. The spell checker does not work correctly, it highlights the incorrect spelling in red but right clicking on the miss spelled word does nothing.
2. If I cut and paste text into the text editor I struggle to correct the formatting, I try the remove format button and also manually trying to match the imported text, today in another post I could not set the colour of the text to correctly, then after I posted it the colour was changed again.

I am using chrome  v87.0.4280.88 on Win10

Thanks Chris

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Yes, you're right, forum text editing isn't great in detecting errors or other types of texts where it copies text with its background, font size, font, and colors.

I will take these suggestions into further plans of forum development, as for now, I recommend using Grammarly for your grammar check and you can use any text editing program like Microsoft Word or LibreOffice to paste your text clean.

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