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I have an RUT240 with one single ipsec connecion. At the Moment it uses LTE only. If i reboot the rut240, the vpn connection does not come online. i need to disable the conection and activate it again, then it will come online.

"on startup" is set to "start". if i understand the wiki right, this should be the correct setting

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Me again,

i checked what the router is doing after the reboot (logread -f)

the router is not even trying to bring up the ipsec connection. when i restart the ipsec service, its directly up. thats strange.

i hope some one can help, we need that little rut back online. at the moment its not usable for us.

I installed that router fresh with the latest firmware. i also eletet the ipsec connection and recreated it. ddidnt change anything.



Add line /etc/init.d/ipsec restart in the menu User Scripts and try again, this will restart the IPsec service when the router boots.

Best regards.

Thanks @Igor you safed us. We have a couple of those set up for home office workers and had exactly this problem.