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Hi All,

Have previously been working with ZeroTier on RUT950, no worries. Have traffic flowing between local lan and zerotier in both directions.

I have recently got some new TRB140s, and am running the latest firmware. I have followed the normal steps to setup ZT and have the ZT network established and receiving its managed IP.

As ususal, I have allowed traffic in the firewall to/from the ZT "zone" and setup a static route to send traffic to remote subnets behind other ZT clients to the ZT interface.

However, this quite simply doesn't work. I can't ping anything on the ZT network, or ping the teltonika from another ZT client, and I'm scratching my head a bit?

What am I missing?

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I've just tested ZT with TRB140 and RUTX11, on which RUTX11 had connected Android phone over WiFi and TRB140 was connected to computer via MicroUSB. I've opened both LAN sides in ZeroTier Central with these IPs in managed routes.

Both computer and android responded to pings from the other sides of ZeroTier tunnels.

If you're still having issues, please make sure you don't have anything set-up in your Firewall that is different from the default configuration.

No static routes or firewall changes were needed from TRB and RUTX during this configuration.