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Dear RUT950 product manager

1. No replies to my posts or DMs in regarding to Zerotier over 3 days ago, more post by others
2. Now I receive an error that the Zerotieir package is 'not authorized and not digitally signed - proceed with caution' then it won't install anyway, I can't even re-install it?
3. Packed servers offline...

C Smith

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1. I wasn't able to reproduce the issues mentioned in that post. If you could give topology and steps of how to reproduce the issue you're facing - I will try again. Also, keep in mind that it could be specifically ZeroTier central issues that we don't have control of.

2 and 3. It might be because you're trying to install Zerotier that is not from our package manager. Also, servers are not offline, I'm able to download anything from the Package Manager. Please check your internet connection if it didn't go down recently and maybe that was the reason for the server being unresponsive.


Dear Ernestas

Thanks for your reply.

1. As mentioned yes I was trying to install the package using your online servers
2. I tired and tried many times and had the same errors repeated, you can see the screenshots below
3. Re topology, during this time there were no other devices connected to the RUT950
4. I will DM you the screenshots of errors as there no way of posting in this thread or you can see them on this link
5. As a coincidence I noticed there was a new version of RUT firmware available which I installed which then allowed me to install Zerotier immediately? I upgraded from RUT9XX_R_00.06.07.3 to RUT9XX_R_00.06.07.4
6. The RUT950 data connection was fine because the server list populated...
So were you able to successfully install the package with 06.07.4 installed?