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I just upgrade my TRB245 firmware which is remote from home.

Since this upgrade, the GPS is very difficult to catch sattelite (inside an house, but with previous firmware it was sync inside the house).

Also the cellular modem is disconnected several times a day. using RMS to connect to webUI is very unstable.

Is someone experiencing this ?

I flashed it again in the same latest version. Now the internal modem disconnect every 5 hours precisely.
there are tons of lines like this in the system log:

Sun Jan 17 05:10:18 2021 daemon.notice netifd: mob1s1a1 (27063): /usr/bin/qmuxtrack: line 24: can't create 1: No space left on device

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Have you updated it and kept the settings? I really suggest you to update the firmware again to the same one, but untick the settings keeping option.

If issues remain - flash your device back to the last stable version and see if everything goes back to normal, if yes, then please send me both troubleshoot files from the latest FW and the last stable FW you used.

Dear EB,

many thanks for the answer. Yes I kept the settings as this router is remote, and if I don’t kept the settings the IP adress will be which will conflict with another gateway on site. Is there a way to kept the dhcp activated or it’s present IP address as default ?


In this case, it would be best to set the LAN IP of the TRB245 device and update the firmware without keeping the settings. It will conflict with another gateway for a short time, but if you set the LAN IP through SMS utilities you should get both gateways running in no time.

To change LAN IP address through SMS utilities we will need to use uci commands.

While you still have your device untouched, go to CLI and check what uci line is for LAN IP, you can do that with command 

uci show | grep lan

And you should find something like: 


So now when we know what command looks like, just update your firmware without keeping the settings and once it's done execute these commands within SMS utilities, just use the WebUI password and add these lines into SMS, but make sure they're sent separately starting with WebUI password each:

uci set network.lan.ipaddr=''

uci commit


After this, you should regain your connection to both gateways in a couple of minutes, unless you need to set something in your TRB245 to reach it as you reach it now, then you can also do it through SMS utilities and uci.


Dear EB,

I updated the firmware without keeping settings. Thanks to RMS I really easily had access to the device and put back network parameters. So far no more periodic reboot of the cellular modem :-)

thanks, Xavier
This is the reason we can't use Teltonika devices at any scale.  We have 1000's of remote devices, 100's of which we want to put on to a private APN.

Our issue is that with Teltonika, it pretty much seems each firmware upgrade requires us to upgrade without keeping settings, and set the device up again.   This isnt something we can do with 000's of devices, and therefore I can't see a path forward using these devices for anything that scale is involved, which is disappointing.