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I am testing the RUTX11 at the moment. i have 2 sites with symetric 100Mbit wan connections. on the first site is a fortigate, on the second one is the RUTX11...

I measured the following VPN speed from site to site:

ipsec AES 256: 50Mbit/s

ipsec AES 128: 60Mbit/s

The webinterfaces is showing 30% CPU Load. Also top does not show a CPU Limitation. Looks like the CPU is crypting only with one Core.

Also tested this on Fortigate 60E running 6.4.4 to an RUTX11 02.06.1 with AES128 maxing out at 47/45Mbps over ipsec in local network with 1Gig links.

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Thank you for your feedback. I will make sure it reaches RnD. If there will be any changes planned related to this issue - I will inform you about them