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I have both a FMT100 and a RUT955 unit.
For the gps logger I use gps-server.net, and it works fine with both units.
For the FMT100 I can use the "send command" function, that creates a Codec12 message via GPRS, this works as expected.
But when I send the same command to the RUT955 it seam to be responding, but the data sent back looks to be in a different format.
Please see the attached screenshot.

My goal is to be able to control at least one of the outputs on the RUT955 unit via GPRS commands.

The SIM cards I use does not have SMS support, and they only provide a 10.x.x.x adress as WAN ip.

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Unfortunately, GPRS commands are not developed for RUT or RUTX devices and they can be successfully applied only to Teltonika FM devices: https://wiki.teltonika-gps.com/view/FMB_SMS/GPRS_Commands

Best regards.