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by anonymous
Good morning,

I'm looking to install an RUT950 onboard a yacht to provide connection to shore for 4G and Wifi and then distribute onboard to various devices. There is one item in the manual that is confusing me : "On every case except when you connect to the internet via WiFI, you can distribute your internet via an Ethernet cable (3 ports) and/or a wireless network. When you connect via Wifi, you cannot have WiFi in your LAN."

Does this mean that if the RUT950 is connected to the internet ashore via WiFi I would need another router connected to it to broadcast/receive WiFi around the vessel?

Thank you, maybe I'm being dim.

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Fortunately, you are not correct. RUT950 can provide an internet connection to the devices when its main source of internet is WiFi from another source. To prove this I made a configuration test:

My home RUTX11 is WiFI AP(internet source inshore), RUT950 connected to the RUTX11 WiFI (theoretically from boat to the shore), my mobile phone(end device in a boat) is connected to RUT950 WiFi signal and successfully accessed the internet.

Could you provide a link where you found that misleading information?

Best regards.

Thank you for your response and carrying out the test, you're a champ. The information i was quoting was from the PDF version of the RUT950 manual, Page 16. There is the text along with a table reinforcing the paragraph. I confess I may well be mis-interpreting the paragraph and the manual is password protected so I cannot copy and paste it here directly.

I am just trying to confirm whether the RUT950/955 is a one stop solution to my 4G and Wifi needs onboard. If not and I need other equipment then that is fine. Although you've now peaked my interest in the RUTX11 and using that instead for the GE ports and CAT6, maybe the 955 as I have no need of GNSS information. If I've completely missed the point of the manual then I'm not afraid for someone to tell me!


by anonymous
Well, the image is pretty much blurred out, so I was not able to read the text. I am curious what was the date when this manual was updated for the last time. Anyways, as I mentioned before RUT950 and other our RUT or RUTX products are capable to work like that.