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Hello I've got the RUTX12 Router I found that the router reduce my internet (WAN) speed

Configured as AutoFailover, WAN first.

My internet connection is 1000/100 First test - computer connected directly to the ISP modem - Ping 2, Download 911Mbps, UP109. Second test - same computer, one minute after, connected via rutx12. - Ping 2, Download 609Mbps, UP109Mbps

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It is natural that you lose some speed when connecting the router between the PC and ISP modem, but the difference should not be that harsh. How many times you have performed this test? (I suggest do speed test 5 times and use different tests providers, and repeat these test using RUTX12)

Also, the issue may lie in the cable that you are using to connect RUTX12 to PC or RUTX12 to ISP modem. There are many ethernet cable categories(cat5, cat5e, cat6, and more) and maybe you are using the one that cannot provide enough throughput or bandwidth. Simple google search explains difference between cable types: https://www.allconnect.com/blog/what-ethernet-cord-do-you-need

Best regards.

Thanks for the answer.

.We are using the best cables that the market can offer, cat6a + cat7
we did the test with few different computers and cables
 just one computer was connected to the RUTX12 at the time
.very disappointing results, as you said, the difference should not be that harsh

waiting for your assist.