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Hi world.

I am trying to set up an outbound SMS sending server using the TRB140.

I can make GET requests like the following just fine:

The problem is that I cannot seem to get multi part messages longer than 140 characters working.

Is it possible to send SMS longer than 160 characters with TRB140?

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Could you please tell me what firmware version are you using on your TRB140 and what is the max symbol SMS that your other device can get? It could vary from the device to device.

Hi EB. My mistake. Multi part SMS works fine. I was confusing the SMS segment limit of 160 characters with the GET request limit of ~ 2048 characters. 2048 characters is more than enough for our needs. And Multi Part SMS works perfect for messages greater than 160 characters. Thank you guys so much for such an excellent and high quality product!