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I have purchased Teltonika TUTX11 and was planning to fit an omnidirectional aerial 14m up the top of the mast and connect this to a GSM extender at the bottom of the mast, the TUTX11 will pick up the boosted signal and profide WiFi throughout the boat.

Just checking that there isn't a better way forward, for instance fitting an antenna at the top of the mast that can connect directly to the TUTX11, but the cable length would be close to 18m

Whatever the solution I'm keen to keep the SIM cards in the boat, and not at the top of the mast.


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If this is your only solution then it's good as it is, just keep in mind that cable must be as short as possible as the longer the cable the more packets will be lost during transmission.

So I would personally go with a lesser length solution if it's possible.

As for antenna recommendations - unfortunately, I cannot give any, as there are obviously better antennas throughout the market, so please refer to public recommendations on the internet.