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Hi Support i have a pptp problem whit my rut x08, this router is a pptp server whit a range ip of and i have a varius pc and router connected to it (routers are teltonika and mikrotik), the problem is: the cliente cannot ping other client and the router are no reachable, the router can ping all the clients, i have activated masquerading and mss clamping and all the rules in firewall mode are in accept.

Where is the problem? what is wonrg?

thank you in advance

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I would like to ask if I understood correctly, does your PPTP clients cannot ping server router? Does your server router have  IP that can be accessed by other devices without VPN tunnel? Have you configured your PPTP something like that:

Also, which firmware version you are using on your RUTX08?


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the clients ping the router, the router ping the clients but the clients do not ping each other and any web interfaces of the clients are unreachable within the vpn.

Last firmware version