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Dear support!

Found terrible bug in the latest FW 2.06 of rutx11. When manual select the preferred band check the box in front of the band it’s not selected but deselected. So the selection works opposite way as it must. Selection of the band cancel the connection to selected band. And if I not select the band than the modem connects to the band which are not selected.

I get exactly the same issue with RUTX09 and  RUTX_R_00.02.06 . Manual band selection when selected for the 2 SIM simultaneously does not work.
Really ennoying issue.

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I wasn't able to reproduce your issue. Please try restarting your modem and resetting your router to default factory settings and try again.

Also, make sure you haven't done any changes to the modem itself that would do the opposite of the configuration you're doing right now.

Maybe you could try another SIM too and see if maybe these are just cells that are not accepting you.

Dear Ernestas,

The situation with selection is following. If I use the 2nd sim car as default and on both sim set the manual band selection than if I select the bands on the 1st sim without activation it than the selection works opposite way around. So to select bands on the second sim card I have to deselect bands on the first one.
I've tried your scenario with 2 SIMs when SIM1 is not active and SIM2 is active.

1. Set the SIM1 to Band 20 only and SIM2 to Band 3 - SIM2 selects band 3.

So this is correct.

2. Set the SIM1 to Band 3 and SIM2 to Band 3 also - SIM2 selects 3G band

So this I was able to reproduce. If I understood you right, SIM2 doesn't connect to the band which is also selected in SIM1 page?


Hi. If on the 2nd sim card selects same bands as on 1st sim card which is not active than the connection is not established. If I deselect the bans on the first sim than the selected bans works. So your explanation is correct - "SIM2 doesn't connect to the band which is also selected in SIM1 page"

Thank you. The issue is reported to RnD.

Is this still an issue as of FW RUT2_R_00.07.02.2 ?

RUT2 has a single SIM, thus this should have no effect, however, having tested it on RUTX_R_00.07.02.2 and RUT9_R_00.07.02.3 I have not had this issue.

Best regards