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We have observed on several occasion that RUTX09 drops its ipv6 route between device (::/0) and qmimux0. When that happens all ipv6 traffic in or out using the mobile connection is of course prevented. IPv4 routes are, however, unaltered and device's ip-address has not changed, at least not always, when it happens. Any idea what might be going on? We are using the latest firmware (RUTX_R_00.02.06).

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Have you noticed when does it drop the IPV6 route? Have you checked event logs or did something in particular by that time when it drops it?

Also, how do you add your IPv6 route, and does restart of the router help to regain the connection again?

What happens there is that when the mobile connection is opened, the correct router solicitation / router advertisement 'handshake' is performed and the dhcp6 client receives router information with a lifetime of 65535s. After that, NO router solicitation messages are sent and therefore after 18+ hours the route is dropped. The logs don't show anything at that time, as the dhcp6 client is quite silent event when started with the verbose flag.

Restarting the router and/or restarting the dhcp6 client fixes the connection. However, restarts are really not the correct fix in this situation and I would like to know what is preventing RUTX from sending router solicitation messages? I'm basically running a vanilla configuration after factory resetting it.