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I would like to point out a probable anomaly, but maybe I'm wrong to interpret it, it seems a simple inversion of the labels.

In fact, in the "Service" -> "Input / Output" section, "Input Type = DIGITAL 4PIN" field, selecting the "trigger" works in the inverse way, ie it signals "High level" when it is low and "Low level" when it is high.

Am I wrong something?

thank you

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Could you make sure you have the latest firmware version available and your digital input isn't inversed in WebUI?

Cause if it's inverted, it's going to show you a High level as the default value.

Yes the FW is updated (RUT9XX_R_00.06.07.5)

In the WEbGui of the "Digital 4PIN", unlike the other I / O, it is not possible to change the default value of the input.

However, it could be me who got lost ..