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i Have a RUT955 modem or alot of them and they are connected only to a mobile mpls service where they only get and ip assigned from the private cloud. and no DNS. and for this reason the teltonika cannot download packages and update via web. it cannot also resolve hostnames. the wan port is joined with the LAN.

Where can i set the Systems own DNS? regardless of WAN connection. or no DNS from mobile provider.

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I found this for you, follow CLI guidelines and not WebUI, as our firmware is modified and will not represent the screenshots in that thread.


1. To edit with CLI use vi <filename> command, 

2. Use the letter "I" to start editing the file 

3. And use ESC with command :wq to save and quit editing.

After all the changes I recommend rebooting the router, as it will be faster to restart the services at once.