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On my boat, my RUTX11 is configured to use wifi as the primary connection (to dockside wifi) and mobile as the backup. If I leave the dock and go out of range of the dockside wifi, the router is supposed to failover to the mobile connection. Correct? When I return to the dock, the router is supposed to automatically reconnect with dockside wifi. Correct?

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Yes the router pings the primary WAN connection after every 5 seconds by default if it could be pinged router will connect to the primary WAN.

Thank you.

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Can the router save a list of wifi hotspots, and automatically connect to them when available, based on priority?  Similar to how an iPhone will fall back to cellular, but when it detects an "familiar" network it will autoconnect to it without intervention.  In the case of iPhone, it can save lots of "known" wifi connections.  

Or, does the router only try to ping a single primary Wifi as WAN connection?