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Hi !

I am trying to connect my RUT955 to an external MQTT Broker ( ) but no chance to get RUT connected or even to try to login..

Local communication is no problem, was able to read router id, uptime etc. locally.

I read all community articles and I also went through each bit of documentation, including the Wiki Monitoring_via_MQTT#How_MQTT_works.

I enable MQTT Publisher and privde hostname,port,username&pwd infos. MQTT Broker enabled / disabled does not change situation.

FW ver.: RUT9XX_R_00.06.07.5

Obviously more people are struggling with external MQTT Broker configs -please advise how to solve.


3 Answers

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I've successfully deployed 50+ devices on AWS IoT (absolutely _not_ a sponsor).

To do this I use the "bridge" functionality of Mosquitto (the MQTT broker on the RUT955). I understand this is not what you are trying to do here. You are trying to use the MQTT Publish function. But even so, can you connect to the remote broker using a bridge?

If you want to debug the connection. Using the CLI, you can always stop mosquitto and run it manually.

$ /etc/init.d/mosquitto stop

$ mosquitto -c /etc/mosquitto.conf
Hello, Is it possible to indicate or reference how could I do this configuration?, I want to connect my RUT955 to this external broker MQTT

I want to get modbus data in the external broker
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Hi, sorry for the delay.

Are you using TLS certificates?

Do you have some firewall exception that can be blocking the connection?

To debug your wan interface, you can use tcpdump command and understand where is the issue.

The command for wan interface is tcpdump -i wwan0

Also, the option ganehag said can be a solution, you need to enable the internal broker using a bridge with the topics you want to use.

Any doubt or additional information please let us know.

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Hi !

My question might be similar but little different -

Will the RUT use TLS / MQTTS to connect to external cloud Broker?

And is it possible to configure the RUT as a proxy - MQTT without TLS on intern LAN - forward MQTT Broker extern WITH TLS?

The problem is that the used SPS (Machineprogramming) is not ready for TLS from its manufacturer

Thanks for any help