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We are using RUT955 and using Call Utilities to close output relay.

In Australia we have +61 country code however - when calling within the country the number does not get sent with the +61 prefix.

Teltonika software only allow international format.

When SMS in Australia we have the +61 prefix in front of the number - so we have to either put 2 numbers (eg 04xxxxxxxx 614xxxxxxxx) .

However when putting no international prefix - error is shown so in Australia only the SMS utility is functioning correctly.

Please allow wildcard digits for example xxxx123123 to allow for this change in format between SMS and Call utilities.

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Have you tried two zeroes in front of the prefix instead of plus symbol?

e.g 0061xxxxx

No because when calling in Australia only local mobile prefix is applied - example

Phone number 0411111111 is calling to RUT as 0411111111 but if SMS it is +61411111111

This means the number formats won’t match and only SMS utilities work.

RUT only allows +61 or 00 which only match numbers via SMS. This is same for local landline numbers - within country code only (area code) (number) is shown - NO +61 is shown...

So currently in Australia Teltonika Call utilities does not work unless calling from international.

Please implement wildcards to the number format.

This can allow number blocks eg 0411111xxx - all numbers matching first entries and will allow call utilities to work in Australia.

Please note this is only within the authorised number groups.

Call and SMS do work if ‘No Authentication’ is selected - however it is a major security issue allowing ANY number to issue commands to the device.

Thank you, I forwarded your request to RnD and will let you know if any updates come up.


Have you tried authenticating if both numbers are added into a user group and then that user group is used in the rule?

You add both numbers in the group and then select it in "Allowed users".