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After upgrading the router with the latest image with the procedure that appears in the, now I have 2 big problems.

  • Doesn't work the reboot command in cli and gui interface.
  • when I upgrade the router with the firmware  in System->Firmware and flag "when the router restart, there is no configuration inside.
this is my configuration:
Firmware version RUT9XX_R_00.06.07.5
Firmware build date 2021-01-28, 13:55:15
Kernel version 3.18.44
Bootloader version 3.0.1
Thanks a lot.

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I have just tested the reboot command using CLI and my router rebooted successfully. Could you provide a screenshot of your router logs once you enter the reboot command?

Regarding keep all settings feature, I have noticed that you have the latest firmware version installed already. Are you reflashing it to the older version? It could be that settings cannot be kept installing older firmware that the current installed.

Also, I would suggest to try to restore your router to the factory default configuration and test all these features again.




thanks a lot for your feedback. I restored my router to the factory default and reboot still not working.

What do you suggest doing in addition to the factory reset? I can provide you with a private message to give you the ssh credentials to enter into the router.


In addition you don't have to do anything, performing a factory reset is enough for the router to be fully clean and functional again if something happened before that.