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by anonymous
I have an RUT240 in a remote office that is configured with an L2TP tunnel to our main head office firewall [PfSense]. This connection runs over LTE.
The LAN interface of the remote office Teltonika is then connected the WAN of a PfSense router, which hands out private IPs to the local machines.
It looks like this:

Head Office PfSense ---> Teltonika L2TP over LTE ---> PfSense ---> remote office clients

I need to route a public IP from the head office firewall to the remote office PfSense box.
I have been trying to do this via PPPoE from the remote office PfSense to the Head Office PfSense, however, the Head Office never sees the PPPoE requests.

Are there any special firewall rules I will need to put in place to allow the PPPoE to traverse the L2TP tunnel?

Alternatively, is there a better way to accomplish this result?

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by anonymous

Probably you need to set up a new Traffic rule. (From L2TP to the interface you want to reach)

Also, probably DMZ feature can be useful.

The whole firewall documentarion is in this link: