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I'm working with the RUT950 and I have a question about the Wireless Station Mode. I could not find any answers in the manual.

If you are logged in to the web admin interface and go to Network ---> Wireless ---> and press Configure on the Wireless Station Mode, there are some general settings available. What are the settings "Scan Time" and "Blocking Time" supposed to do, and what effects do they have on the router?

Please see the image below.

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I believe you were looking for these options and descriptions: 

Scan Time (sec) integer (30+); default: 60 Frequency (in seconds) of scans for WiFi access point availability.
Blocking Time (min) integer (1+); default: 10 The amount time (in minutes) after which the device will no longer attempt to connect to an access point after the number of unsuccessful retries is exceeded.
Thanks for your reply.

About the Blocking Time, how many retries are performed before the blocking is started?