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by anonymous
I have tried contacting Teltonika directly however no response. Does anyone know a distributor that I buy from directly? This is so I can power a bunch of TRB 140's.

I have exhausted myself trying to find any on google with no luck.

Really hope they support their customers and get back to my email.

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Unfortunately, I will not be able to help you with the adapter, but I will help you with the standard we use in our 4Pin connectors.

Here you should find the specifications of the 4Pin standard we use: link

And here you should be able to understand the wiring: TRB140 Powering Options - Teltonika Networks Wiki

The barrel end depends on you and the standard you need to power it, so I believe this should be enough for your further project.


Best answer
by anonymous
Hi thank you very much.

I noticed on the link you sent that the device can also be powered by ethernet. If so, would it also still be able to act as a ethernet for a ethernet connection for internet between the device and computer? The device came with a CAT5E cable would this work?