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I have been using the SMS utilities cellular to restore RUT955 modems in remote locations.

The way it has been done is
admin01 restore
admin01 cellular apn=internet.public
admin01 web
admin01 reboot

When this is done I get the modem on a public IP. However on a modem running the newest 6.07.5 firmware I cannot get it back on
When I restore the modem it comes back on and has an IP - Say This is a private IP on the ISP network which is not reachable from the outside. This is why I set the cellular apn=internet.public to a public APN.

On the newer software I also tried setting cellular auto_apn=0 to deactivate this. But it does not help. The modem gets stuck on GSM network without any WAN IP address.
Could it be that the custom APN name is stored in a different variable under newer firmware?

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It could be that you will need to set everything with uci.

I will try to help you out with that.

First of all, send SMS admin01 restore to reset your router fully.

After that, check with admin01 status if router is up and running, if yes - we should start executing these commands through SMS, but make sure you send these commands separately.

admin01 uci set simcard.sim1.auto_apn='0'

admin01 uci set simcard.sim1.force_apn='-1'

admin01 uci set simcard.sim1.apn='internet.public'

admin01 uci commit

admin01 luci-reload

Tell me if it works or not.