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Am I right, that Wifi ist not only received via the two Wifi antennas, but is also used to generate its own Wifi Hotspot?

Background of my question:

I got an Camper Van and would like to use an „all in one“ antenna on the roof top. The whole van is out of metal (thats why I need the RUT955). Primary goal is to get GSM reception and distribute that inside of the van via wifi hotspot. So best solution would than be to use only short wifi antenna pins, to stay inside the van and not use the all in one person on the roof top, because then i would be weaker inside of the van… ?

Or other way round: are the same two wifi antennas used to receive wifi (from an external open wifi maybe) and also to spread its own hotspot for the owner/user?

I know router which have two external wifi antennas and a small third one direct at the main unit.

Thanks for your help and clarification

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by anonymous

For this question of yours, since you want to get WiFi connectivity inside the VAN as default you can use the WiFi antenna that comes with RUT955. Now for the GSM side since it's inside the VAN due to it's surrounded by metal there might be signal interference that is why you need to put a GSM antenna outside, or in the roof of the van. But if you have AIO antenna installed on the roof you can try testing the WiFi connectivity inside the VAN.

I hope this answers your question.

Hi Jerome,

Thanks for your reply. That helped the half way.

So be short: The two antennas/connectors are the only „Wifi sending and receiving“ device? So that two antennas receive external wifi and ALSO build up new own wifi hotspot? There is no third antenna or so for sending wifi?

Best regards

Christian Cramer