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I cannot seem to get any voltage out of the Output on the RUT230.

I have the 4 pin adapter, the Black and Red wire is wired to my 24v supply to power the modem. I have turned the 'OC Output' to 'ON' on the modem settings and do not seem to get any output of volts from the either the green/white wire when linked with the ground black wire.

Anyone have idea where I may be going wrong?



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Regarding your question, the purpose of the OC output (DOUT PIN 4) is to connect or disconnect the flow of electricity in the circuit. As an example you may refer to this image below: 

RUT230 Relay to Open Collector Output - Teltonika Networks Wiki (teltonika-networks.com) 

As you can see the RUT230 OC output is connected to the other coil of the relay. Then from there, you can control the relay output base on the OC output you configured in the Web UI. 

I hope it helps.