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I really would like to be able to control the digital output of RUT240 by MQTT. It seems that the digital input is readable by MQTT, so I don't understand why the output status and control isn't available.

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Hi, MQTT protocol is only able to monitor Teltonika devices. In this link you can change which protocols the device support and what can we do with each one.


Instead of, you can use JSON-RPC and requests to set all the parameters in the router.



Also, you can take a look to this link, it shown how to monitor via MQTT.



Thanks, but Json-RPC is not suitable in this case. The ISP is using NAT and rfc1918 addresses, so it's not easy to reach the device. I could setup a VPN connection, but that seems like a lot of work, and feels a bit unreliable. 

I am already using the RUT 240 MQTT bridge to exchange IOT-data with a remote location, and that works really well. If the router were able to subscribe to a topic that controlled the I/O, it would be the perfect IOT router. As the router already subscribes to the "router/get" topic, it seems to me that it would be an easy enough feature to implement. As a workaround, I am currently using the mosquitto-client opkg in combination with a shell script to achieve this.  


Unfortunately, for now RUT240 only can monitor the parameters described in this link. For total control of the device, we suggest you to use another protocol.


Any further doubt please let me know.