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Unfortunately I do not have Internetconnection via Wifi. Mobile information says everything is fine.Tried a lot. SIM Card is working fine in other mobile devices (T-mobile). I tried it also with a other SIM-Card with other provider (Vodafone) - no success.
I have also installed the latest firmware. Please help. I can send the troubleshooting file.

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Are you are using both the mobile antennas provided? Its recommended to use both.

What is the signal strength  you receiving ? https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/Mobile_Signal_Strength_Recommendations

Have you tried keeping the APN on custom in mobile settings . Try unchecking the auto and keep on custom the correct APN field will itself fill with the correct one. Just save after the custom APN is there .

Thank you.  


Hello Ahmed,

yes I am using both Antennas. The Signal strength is -51dBm. I also filled the APN as custom setting - no success.

I also tried to reset to factor defaults and uploaded the latest firmware. From time to time the router is working fine and then nothing...also after many reboots not Internet via Wifi available.

Thank you Marcel
Please send me a troubleshoot file in DM.