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Got our first TRB254 delivered today.
Set it up based on an email I received before purchasing, I installed and got ZeroTier working great.
But when it came to set up the RS232 as an SMS-modem, I could not find the right settings, so I checked for new firmware.
In the changelog, I could see the modem-setting being added, so I upgraded the firmware.
But now, ZeroTier is not on the listed in "Package Manager", and when I try to upload the version I downloaded on the Teltonika-site (Networking_trb2xx_manual_packages_zerotier_2020-04-20_signed.ipk), I get the following error in the lower right-hand corner: "There is not enough available memory to install the package.
The package-file is 381kb, and based on the System-page there is 0.41 / 1.25 MB used (32,89%).
The modem is now using internal firmware version TRB2_R_00.02.06.1 / EC25EUXGAR08A02M1G.

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It is a known issue when ZeroTier is missing from Packet Manager and cannot be installed manually using 2.6 firmware. I would like to suggest waiting for the next firmware release when this issue will be fixed or roll back to the 2.5 version.

Ok, but does 2.5 support partial modem-control via RS232?
The whole reason for the purchase was to have a unit with both SMS via RS232 and VPN via ZeroTier simultaneous.
What do you mean by partial modem control? IF you have in mind AT commands via RS232, then yes you can.