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I'm using a TRB140 gateway to collect Modbus TCP data and publish it to MS Azure. The test setup works fine, meaning that I can read Modbus data from the master and I see it arriving in MS Azure IOT hub. But this is when reading 16bit INT's and I need to read 32bit floats. So I configured the TRB140's Modbus TCP Master 'request configuration' to read floats. When I use the test button, the Modbus value is read correctly. However, Azure recieves value 0.0.

So transmitting INT's to Azure works OK, but floats doesn't work. What could I've done wrong here??

Thank you in advance!

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For this issue of yours, you can try following this testing manual to make sure everything is set up correctly. 

Link for the manual: https://we.tl/t-jp7fJG72V5 -> This one is for RUT955 but the config is the same as TRB140

Focus on this configuration inside the manual: Setting Modbus Data to Server to Azure IoT Hub

If the issue still persists let me know. 



Could you send the example again or do you have a example with azure