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Dear all,

I have a RUT950 HG12C0 (Batch No 0035) and did a configuration backup (tar.gz). Now I want to restore it on another RUT950 HG12C0 (Batch No 0062) and it is not possible. Is this different BatchNo the problem?

Thanks in advance


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No, "Batch number" is not related with backup configuration.

If order for router to accept uploaded backup archive, two conditions must be met:

  1. Both routers (from which backup want downloaded and to which it is being uploaded) must be using same LTE module. In RUT9's case, LTE module is represented by first digit of six digit router's code (RUT950 HG12C0). In your case LTE modules are the same.
  2. Both routers must be using same firmware version. It is possible, that your "Batch No 0035" router was using older firmware version, than current "Batch No 0062" one. Therefore, current router does not accept backup archive. Solution is simple: Upgrade both routers, so that they would be using same firmware version. Then you will be able to configure one router and transfer its configuration to another one.
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Thanks for answering! The firmware was exact the same on both devices. But it seems, that the time was incorrect on the second device (2018). After time sync the restore of the backup config file was working!!