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Hi, I am extremely new to networks and routers etc. so be gentle!!

I have a DELTA BMS system located remotely and I have RUT950 router with a data SIM (not a static IP) which is working correctly.

I am trying to use ZeroTier to allow me to contact the site from the office via a VPN but no matter what I do I cannot see my devices past the router. I can ping  the router and configure it remotely but I cannot make the connection to my devices via their proprietary enteliWEB software. I know that you are all probably thinking that I haven't given enough information but I wanted to know if any else has had issues with ZeroTier? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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It would mean that you're missing some routes that would allow ZeroTier to access internal networks on sites.

When configuring make sure you have set-up your routes like it's shown on this post: