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I would like to compare the power comsumption between RUT240 and RUT360. 

According to the RUT360 manual it is

Test type Average value (W) Peak value (W) *

Idle                       1,299                       5,654

1 LAN device      3,310                       7,938

2 LAN device      4.236                       7.808

* Peak values did not last longer than 10 ms.

In the RUT240 documentation the detail of the characteristics is different and difficult to compare. What exactly does "idle" mean in RUT360 or "1Device". Is 4G active? Is Wi-Fi Active? Is a transmission in progress? ...

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A lot of tests are still not fully done with RUT360 so, unfortunately, that's the only information about power consumption we have in the wiki at the moment. In the near future, it will expand and there will be more details.