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Using an RUT240 running the latest RUT2XX_R_00.01.13.3 FW

I've been trying out the SMS utility commands and managed to change the SSID of my RUT240 router. However, the newly updated ssid is only visible under Network -> Wireless but not on the home/overview page. Logging out and back in to the WebUI doesn't update the value. Only by rebooting the router will it update the overview page SSID, or alternatively, going into CLI and using the luci-reload command. Just wanted to see if there was any way to update the Overview page (i.e. luci-reload over SMS) without having to reboot the router or is this purely a graphical problem that has no effect on functionality?

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SSID should appear changed everywhere if it was changed correctly.

Anyway, answering your question - yes, you can luci-reload through SMS and it is quite the same command.

adminPassword luci-reload and it should start luci-reload execution.


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