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Is it possible to use the 5GHz wireless network as access point and client at the same time?

I configured RUTX11 to connect have on 5GHz an AP and client interface (client to my home network which has internet), AP to get e.g. my iphone connected to RUTX11; both interfaces are running. In addition I added 2 GHz AP (running)

Now I only see 2 GHz AP in e.g. my iPhone and if I connect to 2GHz I am not able to open websites in the internet.

When I do the same on 2 GHz: AP and Client running as 2 GHz interface and an additional AP on 5 GHZ is running then I see both: 2GHz and 5 GHz AP in other devices like my iPhone and can connect to both and I can also open websites in the internet.

thx a lot


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Thank your for reaching us.

I would like to ask what firmware you are currently using ?

Did you tried upgrading to the latest ?


Let me know if upgrading the firmware fixes the issue.



I am using latest the device is offering me: RUTX_R_00.02.06.1 (2021-02-11 16:38:18) where I can see this issue.

I will try to replicate this issue on my side.

Then will get back to you.



Could you share a troubleshoot file for the device in which you have configured 5Ghz client and its unable to provide internet access to the LAN devices . (The event must be logged in the troubleshoot file).

Configure the 5ghz client and try to keep device on for 10-15 minutes before downloading the troubleshooting file.

Troubleshoot file could be downloaded in System>Administration>Troubleshoot. 

I have tested it on my side and its not working on my side as well. After configuring 5Ghz client also check if device has internet from 5Ghz wireless WAN interface. You can check it in System>Administration>Troubleshoot>Diagnostics. 

Share troubleshoot file in DM and for DM you need to signup . 

Thank you.