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I am working to build our RUT240 custom firmware. Mainly, we are required to set our custom setting values in uci configurations. 

To change the APN setting, I wrote the following path in the RUT SDK, but when the RUT240 booted up, the  /etc/config/network file was not changed from the default settings of RUT240.


How can I set our custom APN settings in RUT240 custom firmware with RUT2XX SDK ?

I'm experiencing the same issue with a custom APN.  Username and Passwords configured in the WebUI appear to populate /etc/config/simcard but it seems these are not being referenced by the connection.

If I configure the APN username and password in /etc/config/network under the PPP interface then my APN connection authenticates.

Looks to be a firmware bug.

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Information about APN stored not in "...network" folder, but in "./package/base-files/files/etc/config/simcard" folder.




Yes, simcard file was updated after booted up with my custom firmware. There is my custom APN name in "simcard" file.

When I configured my custom APN with RUT240 WebUI, /etc/config/simcard file and also /etc/config/network file are updated. So, I copied both /etc/config/simarcd and /etc/config/network file in SDK. 


Really does only "./package/base-files/files/etc/config/simcard" connects to mobile network ?

I cannot connect to mobile network only with /etc/config/simcard setting.

In 2019, this Set APN via SMS answered "uci set network.ppp.apn='new_apn'" and "uci commit", "reboot".

It seems /etc/config/network is required to connect custom APN. Is it wrong ?